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Portsmouth Positive Living Workshop: 10th June, 2024.

Acceptance and Letting Go with Higher Thinking.

We are so delighted to welcome Bryony to Portsmouth Positive Living group and lucky that she is able to share her personal journey with us.

Bestselling author Bryony Best will share her Spiritual Journey and Growth, imparting higher thinking that has helped her to overcome trauma and life problems.

Life can throw you a curve ball, sweeping the rug from under you. It can be hard to find meaning in common life problems, stopping you from moving forward.

Bryony will share her secret to letting go and growing after traumatic experiences have knocked her down.

In the second part of Bryony’s session she will teach you a practical tool that can be used to tackle common problems such as debt, mental health, wellbeing, feeling overwhelmed, reaching goals and achieving targets.

Bring with you a pen, paper, and an open mind.

For more information for Bryony

Bryonys books will also be on sale and can't wait for her new book launch

£7 including refreshments and biscuits

£5 concession

Please book via link below:

Please email the team if any enquiries or issues with booking

we look forward to seeing you all

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