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Common Questions

As the release date becomes closer, I am asked the same few questions.

Q1- Will I be able to buy your book in my local shops? A - Even though my book will be available to over 450,000 retailers, no. Most shops only stock the top 50 books! Q2 - As a self publishing author will you make lots of money? A - Probably not, no. I have paid a large upfront fee, as well as needing to pay an Accountant. I will also pay for my own copies of my book, for marketing needs.

Q3 - Where can I buy your book? A - Amazon will be the first avenue to buy the book. Q4 - What can I do to help? A - Share my posts on social media, tell your friends about the book. Buy the book, and write a review on Amazon. Q5 - Do you have any local support? A - Yes, a few shops and libraries are interested in book signings.

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